The Alignment of WooCommerce and WordPress Core

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You may be reading this title and thinking to yourself, well yeah, duh?

And before you close this post, bear with me for a few minutes.

It Always Starts with a Conversation

Having been in the WordPress space for 14 years, the intricate web that touches everything within this ecosystem drives us forward. And think about how WooCommerce got to where it is today. How many sites it powers, let alone its spot in the ecommerce world. Then take a look at WordPress. Growing monthly and new iterations are coming fast.

With the marketshare of both, it’s critical that along this path of innovation that they align. Yeah, we all know the obvious. Woo sets on top of WordPress. And unlike Vegas, what happens with WordPress doesn’t stay in WordPress.

So yes, it started in one conversation that led to others and ended up as an integral part of the podcasts future.

Bring in the Core

I hinted around about this when I talked about reworking my Woo news. Well, it all originated in those conversations. Now they are coming to the podcast. It’s time to bring in those magical artists within WordPress core. Although personally I never saw code as poetry. But as with poetry, it’s powerful.

Bringing in those who are working on the vital touchpoints of core not only keeps you as a Woo builder on top of things, but also gives them an opportunity to share their perspectives and insights on WooCommerce. The opportunities. The bigger picture. What is being done right and, heck, maybe not so right.

Talking WooCommerce and WordPress

If you are a regular listener, you may have tuned in to hear Jonathan Desrosiers, full-time contributor to WordPress core give us the big picture of all that is happening in core. Or perhaps, David Baumwald, an expert in connecting WooCommerce to warehousing. Oh, wait, and he is also a core contributor. And in on another episode Grzegorz Ziółkowski, a lover of Gutenberg and JavaScript, who also is a core contributor.

Other podcasts since this post was written include Anne McCarthy talking about the full site editor and Daisy Olsen about block themes.

It’s a no-brainer. As I fine-tune the new weekly news and move forward with both the podcast and events, you now know that interweaving all the innovation around WordPress and WooCommerce will lead to even more builders to Do the Woo. And I am hoping I can be a small bit of helping you keep on top of it all.

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