Affiliate Data Feeds, Constant Contact, GraphQL and Visual Hooks

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Affiliate Data Feeds, Constant Contact, GraphQL and Visual Hooks

In episode 22, BobWP and Brad Williams are joined by Eric Busch from Datafeedr.

In this show, we chat with Eric about Datafeedr, an automated solution for affiliate marketing with WooCommerce. We also touch on Constant Contact and Woo, GraphQL for WooCommerce, WooCommerce visual hooks and yes, affiliate link rot.

Eric Busch from Datafeedr

Eric and his company have been around since 2009 and have seen a lot of changes in the affiliate marketing space. He talks about creating Datafeedr to help simplify and automate affiliate link feeds into WooCommerce stores.

Eric shares how customers can succeed by building their content and site around the store vs. just throwing up an affiliate marketing shop. This critical piece has changed from the early days of product-only affiliate shops.

Brad asks Eric about issues of handling data and we learn about some of the specific challenges Datafeedr has on their end.

Constant Contact Launches New WooCommerce Integration

Brad talks about the newest update of their plugin that integrates the popular email service Constant Contact with WooCommerce, bringing more control to automated emails for Woo stores plus some other great features. This is a plus for WooCommerce store owners who are using Constant Contact and have had to deal with workarounds. Now they can use it seamlessly with their customer communications.

GraphQL for WooCommerce

Eric shares some great links (see below) from the WooCommerce docs on GitHug on an extension for GraphQL and Woo, as well as some additional documentation on Gatsby. You will want to listen in if you are a developer and have yet to dive into this realm. The main benefit, of course, is that your WooCommerce store will load even faster.

Business Boomer’s WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide

Eric also shares a great resource that shows all the visual hooks you can use for your WooCommerce pages single product shop, category and archive pages. For the non-tech person, Brad explains how using hooks with plugins that will fire them up on your site is a great option for non-techies to get into some visual customization without having to deal with code.

This article caught my eye and although I admit I hadn’t heard the term before, I know what it is. Eric was also familiar with it: those buried affiliate links that have been changed and lie in the depths of your site, no longer earning anything for you from clicks made. It’s an ongoing problem in the industry and the article is worth a read if you are an affiliated marketer or run an affiliate program.

Find Eric Over on Feedr

You can find Eric over on their site Datafeedr, or visit him on his own blog at

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