How To Automatically Link Products Together When Added to Cart with WooCommerce

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The ability to  a linked product to the cart is an interesting way of selling. What your client needs to do is figure out when this would work best without offending a customer.

Now you might be thinking, why would anyone would want to also purchase something else with their product? Shouldn’t that be an upsell? Will they be turned off having to remove the product from the cart?

These are good questions. Let me give you a couple of ideas around this selling concept.

Why Automatically Add an Upsell on WooCommerce?

Let’s look at  a natural assumption you might make with a customer. You sell a repair service. And, in most cases, if a part needs to be replaced, you would also sell them that. Sure, some customers may bring the part they have already purchased, but odds are they are going to need it.

The forced upsell is a different approach.

You sell web services. You also sell maintenance services. Although you might think it’s better to let them add it to your cart, maybe your selling point when you talk to them is also about the need for maintenance, You know the chances are they will want it, and it’s easier to add it to the cart, while they can decide to remove it.

Again, you don’t want it to appear as sneaky, so you need to be careful how you use this.

How to Force Additional Products Into the Cart with WooCommerce

In this example, we have a website package and we are going to force add an hour of training.

Once you have installed and activated the WooCommerce Force Sells extension, when you create or edit a product, you will find two new options under Linked Products: Force Sells and Synced Force Sells.

options for linked products

Force Sells

Let’s look at the option, Force Sells. First we add a product to it.

add product to force sells

Now if we were to look at the product page, we can see the notation there. This is good as there are no surprises for the customer.

product with force sell added

If you view the cart, we will see what the Force Sells does. The customer can choose to both delete the item from their cart while keeping the main item, as well as changing the quantity (the latter simply for the reason that it will match the quantity of the force sell to the quantity of the main product). For example, you can see that we added two Starter Kits to the cart, and it automatically added two of the 1-hour trainings as well.

Synced Force Sells

Now we will add the same product, but this time as a Synced Force Sell.

synced force sells

It would look the same on the product page, but when added to cart, you can see that it cannot be deleted, nor can the quantity be changed. As with the Force Sells, it will be set to the same quantity as the main product. And it shows the customer that it’s linked to that specific item, in case they have several items in their cart.

synced force sells in cart

This would also give you a great opportunity to pair up items that are on sale for a limited time.

That’s it. You can check out the WooCommerce Force Sells extension here.

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