How To Add a Watermark or Password to a Downloadable PDF on WooCommerce

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From time to time,  you might have a PDF that is downloadable on your WooCommerce store, one that you have struggled to make sure that it wasn’t shared. Likely this is a PDF that you are selling. This could be anything from eBooks to lessons that are part of a membership-based online course.

And if you want to, you take it a step further and password protect the PDF file.

The WooCommerce PDF Watermark Extension

You will first have some settings for your watermark as well a creating a global option. But you will also be able to define the watermark for specific products or variations.

The General settings allow you to choose between a text and an image for your watermark.

general settings

Next you will set the styling and layout of the watermark. Most of these will carry through for all watermarks that you add to your downloads. On specific products or variations you will will be able to change the image or text, not font styles, opacity or position as well as have it show on all pages of the pdf, first or last or alternate pages.

styling and layout of watermark

PDF Password Protection

Here you can activate password protection and the password can be either the customers email or the product ID. This will require that they enter their password to open, copy, print, modify or annotate any part of the ebook.

advanced protection

On Specific Products or Variations

As mentioned before, you can add custom text or image to a specific product as well as disable it from the global settings. The PDF Watermark tab will obviously only be visible if Downloadable is toggled on.

pdf watermark settings on single product

If I added the watermark and the added protection and it was purchased, upon opening the pdf I would be required to put in the password.

pdf password protected

Also, although I would have probably placed the text watermark at the bottom of the page or used an image, you can see it once I have access to the PDF.

Learn how to easily add a pdf and password protection to any downloadable pdf that you might give or sell on your WooCommerce site.

And if I try to copy it, I get this message. The same will go for printing and annotating.

copy message

Adding a watermark to a PDF, whether an eBook or another document, depends on whether you feel you need to do this. Some people think that it takes away from the look of the final book, others are doing this for branding and figure the more eyes, the better. But if you are charging for your PDF or building an email list, you likely would like some protection.

And there may be other unique ways to use the plugin on your downloadable PDFs via your WooCommerce online store. So check out the WooCommerce PDF Watermark plugin to start protecting your downloads.

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