How to Add, Edit and Remove Fields on a WooCommerce Checkout Page

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The checkout page is the most critical piece of a WooCommerce online store. Depending on the products or services, having the ability to add, edit or remove fields on that page can make a huge difference.

When editing a checkout field, be careful. It’s easy to make an assumption to either change, add or remove something that may be important. But consider what you are doing and also, if making major changes, do some testing.

Changing Your WooCommerce Checkout Fields

The Checkout Field Editor extension makes this a simple task. You can edit three specific areas:

Editing the Billing Fields on WooCommerce

Enable payment on your checkout settings with these options:

Editing the Shipping Fields in WooCommerce

Enabling shipping shows these options:

Add Custom Fields to Checkout in WooCommerce

You can also add custom fields that may be needed for your store. The custom fields will show up after the billing and shipping, right next to the order notes. But you must have order notes enabled.

How to Edit Fields

If you look at the billing and shipping field options, you will notice that each field has its own limitations. Not all options are available. These are WordPress core fields and some of them cannot be changed without screwing stuff up.

In addition, even though you can remove or disable fields, changing core fields is not recommended.

Anytime you add a field, whether it is in billing, shipping or additional fields, you have the options for all fields.

Name Field – the name has to be unique as it is saved as the meta key.

Type Field – here you have several options of the type of field you can display.

Label Field – the label you want the customer at checkout to see on this added field.

Placeholder/Option Values Field – any text or numbers that will show inside the field, eg. for a website field, you might use https://.

Position Field – how you want the field positioned in contrast to the fields around it.

Validation Rules Field – the option to set fields that are required.

Display Options Field – This will let you choose to display this option in the thank-you emails, thank-you pages or on order detail pages.


For example, here is an added field to the billing area. They are purchasing a monthly delivery and they get the option for the billing date.

Under shipping, a free gift is delivered to local customers and they can now choose a date.

Lastly, under the additional fields, I have added a space for the customer to add an address for a deal they got to gift a free product to someone else.

Final thought. The Checkout Field Editor extension is available over on If you choose to go with a free plugin that does this, beware. Support and the life of the plugin may be questionable, and adding or editing fields is something you don’t want to mess up. So make sure you have a stable solution for this.

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