Add Custom Notices to the WooCommerce Cart

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As you know, each step of the buying process can be up-sold and the shopping cart is no exception. But instead of simply suggesting other products, how about offering free shipping? Or something else that will motivate customers to proceed with the purchase.

Creating a custom message or notice on the cart page has the potential for turning a possible sales into a for-sure sale. That is where the WooCommerce Cart Notices extension comes in.

Increase Sales on a WooCommerce Store with Customized Cart Notices

Once installed, you will find your cart notices— and a way to create them. You will notice the numerous shortcodes that allow you to embed the notices on other pages besides the cart page and on the checkout page, the latter being one of the default pages for this extension.

Creating a New Cart Notice

Here you see your options for creating the notice. There are several types, which I will go over shortly. You can create your message with a number of variables, and add a call-to-action button that will send them to a specific URL. Of course, you don’t need to do that if you are just looking to add a simple message.

Cart Notice Based on Minimum Amount

This is a great way to upsell by offering free shipping on a minimum amount spent. Here I have created a free shipping option if a customer spends more than $100 that would send them back to the shop page. With the variable added in, they see the additional amount they need to spend.

In the Threshold Amount, if I put 100 in, the notice will not show up unless the cart total was over $100.

And if we go to our site and add a product under $100, you will see the notice.

Cart Notice Based on Deadline

Another option is to set a deadline. Maybe it’s a limited sale or, as in this example, showing customers when they get a guarantee that the product ships out today. Now I could assume that they will move to checkout, but I have added a call-to-action to further encourage them.

And as long as it’s before that time of day, I will see this on the cart page.

Cart Notice Based on Referrer

This is an interesting option It shows the message if a customer who has been referred from a specific URL lands here. (It works like a charm; I set it up and tested it.

You will notice that I did not put in a call-to-action; instead I simply added some text with the discount code.

I then created a link on my other site, clicked through, and went to my cart page.

Cart Notice Based on Products in Cart

This is another option with several ways to use it. Free shipping, sales, buy one, get one, or, in this instance, save 25% on a product accessory, creating more cross-sells.

If the Procaster mic is in their cart, then the message to get the Boom Arm for 25% off will show up and they can click through to that product page.

You also have the option to hide the notice if specific products are in the cart instead, and also show the notice based on the country it is being shipped to, which could come in handy for managing special shipping charges.

Here I have added the mic and now I see the message with the link to the boom arm product page.

Cart Notice Based on Categories in Cart

This is similar to products, but using categories instead. It’s an easier way to offer an incentive based on a wider range of products, rather than adding each specific product. It also gives you the option of using this to show or hide the notice based on the product’s category.

As an example, instead of giving them a deal, you could use it it simply for a cross-sell. If they add any product from the microphone category, we suggest they also add a web cam to their cart that happens to be on sale.

And since I added a microphone to my cart, I am shown this notice.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to use this extension. I have shown you only one example for each Type of custom notice. With each one, you can cross-sell, up-sell, announce sales, give special discounts, offer free shipping or simply share some important message with your customers, based on what they have in their cart.

By recommending the Cart Notices extension to your clients, not only can you help them with potential, future sales, but they can easily change those messages themselves as needed.

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