How to Add Custom Fields to a WooCommerce Order

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The problem with those Order Notes in WooCommerce is there isn’t any continuity across your orders or any way to pull out that information through filters or other means. And often that information is important, or else you wouldn’t need to add it there.

If you find a client that needs more from their order notes, or even yourself, the Admin Custom Order Fields extension helps you streamline this for you and your team.

Adding Custom Fields to Your WooCommerce Orders

Once the extension is activated, you will find a spot to create your fields under WooCommerce > Custom Order Fields.

As you can see here, there are three fields to add your own data and several variables when it comes to the Type and Attributes.

An Examples of Using These Custom Fields

The best way to show you how this works is to give you an example.

In-Person Training Sessions

Let’s say you are selling some sales training sessions for web development. There are three training sessions, but there is an assortment of instructors and locations that you want the person who purchases to know. But they are not determined until orders have been placed.

The instructors vary from time to time so there is no set list. In this case, I am going to provide the admin with a blank text field and I have selected all attributes so the instructors can also see in various places in the admin panel.

Next, I add radio buttons for both the buildings and the rooms. I am using radio buttons so only one choice can be made as they assign order to them. And I am choosing less attributes for this field.

I am doing the same with rooms that are available.

Once an order has been submitted, the admin can go in and add the necessary information before completing the order.

As the customer, when I go in to look at my order, I can see these additional details that were added.

When I go into my list of orders, I see columns for this added information as well as the ability to filter the order by instructor name.

From this single example, you can see just how flexible it is and the uses you might find for using the Admin Custom Order Fields for WooCommerce extension.

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