How to Add Barcodes to WooCommerce Orders

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Barcodes can be handy when you are selling tickets to events. Or perhaps reservations. And for your clients products, in certain instances, they can be helpful to include on your shipping labels.

The easiest way to do this is to have a barcode generated every time an order is placed on a WooCommerce store.

Adding Barcodes to Orders

The WooCommerce Order Barcodes extension adds a barcode to all order emails as well as the customers account page. This is useful in case they want to print it out.

The Settings

If you go into WooCommerce > Settings > General, you will see a few very basic settings. Of course, you can toggle barcodes off and on and choose the color. (I would stick with black to make it easy to read.)

You can choose from five Barcode types.

If you change any of these settings down the road, it only affects future orders and all barcodes previously created will remain the same.

Barcodes on Orders

When an order is placed, the email receipt will include the barcode.

The customer will also be able to access the barcodes in their account page.

Scanning Barcodes

If you want to scan the barcode, there is a shortcode you can place on the site. Only users who are assigned the manage_woocommece capability are able to use this.

There are four actions that you can choose from when scanning, which can help save you time as a store manager.

Barcodes on Order Page

You will also find the generated barcodes on the order page.

For orders that were done previously to adding the extension, barcodes will be generated when you open up that order.

To place barcodes in other areas of the website, the documentation gives you a code snippet.

If you want to take advantage of barcodes on a WooCommerce site, I suggest you check out the Order Barcodes extension.

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