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2020 Into 2021: The Perfect Marriage of Content and Community

I have been adamant about not writing reflective, end-of-year posts—lists of goals accomplished, failures, lessons learned and transparent numbers. But as we end this particular year, I am reminded of just it how pivotal 2020 was for me.

Let me assure you. Plenty has transpired, both personally and professionally, in this unusual year. But I am going to avoid most of that.

Content and Community, a Combo That Hit Me Hard

If you have been following my journey, you know that, since diving into WordPress 13 years ago, community and content have played a key role in what I do.

But when I set my site aside BobWP in October of this year and turned my focus on Do the Woo, it was a transition that grew not only from the previous months of 2020, but the last 13 years.

An Interesting Thing Happened in 2020

It can best be described as two-pronged: community and content.

As we all know, in-person connections went down the toilet this past year. Although I had not been traveling as much these last few years, still, I found myself reaching out to more people online. More one-to-one conversations. More digital meetups. More forms of smaller online events. But, to be honest, I probably connected more with the community this year than I have in any of the last 13 years.

This year I found myself burning out on content creation around blog post tutorials. I have done these for years and I just couldn’t poke one more out at the keyboard.

So I decided to focus on more community-focused content, such as my podcasts, virtual meetups, and news segments. It became a natural marriage of content and community.

No Matter What 2021 Brings

So amongst everything, this is what it brought me.

I opened the doors for even more conversation and there is no looking back now.

I am on a new journey with Do the Woo. As I said, it’s grown out of the last 13 years. I have a lot on the table for the community in this next year, too much to mention in a single post.

But I want to keep connecting online as I did this last year. And no matter when those IRL events start again, I will continue to reach out to a much broader group of friends, colleagues— and, yes, strangers.

In a nutshell, it all boils down to content and community. So if you want to connect, catch up, or chat, you know where to find me.

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