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When you listen to the community, your skills for building sites, products and your business grows. That’s what we are here for. To elevate and connect you to the WooCommerce builder community.


Connecting the WooCommerce builder community with each other through conversations, interviews and introductions to build a stronger sense of cohesiveness while creating new thought leaders and inspiring everyone to tell their story.


Informing builders through a conversational hub of news to help them stay in the loop of the different facets of the Woo community while giving them empowerment to succeed with their work and companies.


Supporting freelancers, businesses, agencies and other entrepreneurs by spotlighting their successes and challenges through the various media, channels and one-on-one conversations.

Do the Woo Podcast

Do the Woo is a WooCommerce-focused podcast is for those who build WooCommerce sites, products and services to share stories, insights and perspectives.

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The week of Woo is a brief look at what affects you as a WooCommerce builder.